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Cotton recycling  machine
Textile fabric Recycling machine
Toy stuffing machine
Fabric cutting machine
Feeding machine
Fiber opening machine
Packing machine
pillow machine
Cotton recycling machine
High grade full automatic cotton recycling machine, highest technology...
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textile recycling machine
Textile fabric recycling machine
This machine recycles textile fabric into cotton fiber for respinning.
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fabric recycling machine
Textile recycling machine
Standard line can process even all kind of material in to fiber.
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textile cutting machine
Textile cutting machine
It cut and shred the whole cloth, textile into small piece.
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toy stuffing machine
Toy Stuffing machine
The toy stuffing machine is mainly used for stuffing production
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bale opening machine
Bale opening machine
Bale opener,open fiber bale and feed material automatic.
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vacuum packing machine
Vacuum packing machine
Pillow Vacuum Packing Machine,used for pillows, cushions and plush toys.
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fabric opening machine
Fabric opening machine
it can open and loose textile fabric directly, for textile recycling purpose.
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cotton packing machine
Cotton packing machine
Automatic hydraulic pressure packing machine is for cotton.
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