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Hoper focuses quality and technology. Quality is life, technology is power. Each machine passes ISO and CE quality inspection, to make sure that every machine is durable under long time working without stop.

Hoper has 10 years experience in pillow filling, fiber opening and textile recycling project. A mature and energetic design team keeps us growing by the world's newest technology. Good relationship with textile recycling equipment leader, make us communicate with their engineers in Europe each several years. Learn from their strong points to offset our weakness.

One two three, complete care for all.
● One: One call is all your need to solve any problem. 
● Two: We offer two days of free training for your operators. 
● Three: We do three professional inspections before your new machine is delivered.

Our goal is to add value to your business and contribute to your success.
● You get fast delivery.
● You get first rate technical care.
● You get the most from your investment.

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