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What we need before recycle?

Firstly, you should have raw material.
1. From garment factory, yarn factory etc. They have much waste, like yarn waste, rags,  off cut. These all can be recycled, quality is always good.
2. Another way is old clothes from people family, there are some people collect and sell them. Price is cheap but small quantity.

Secondly, you need a workshop. Our small line is 15mX3mX2m(LXWXH);(big line is 30mX4mX6m), and you need two labors to control textile recycling machine. Maybe you still need a packing machine for transport. If your country is short of electric, confirm whether you can get power of textile recycling machine.

Finally, remove the medal from raw material, like zipper and button. If you use big line, most of button and zipper will be removed by opening machine. But clean first is better. Clean and bleach out should be done before recycle.

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