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 How to recycle textile?
  This time, we talk about textile recycling project. Here will introduce raw material, textile waste recycling machine and the usage of textile recycling. What kind of textile can be recycled? How to recycle textile? This article can help.

Old clothes should be taken to charitable organization. Over 70% of the world's population use second hand clothes.
Other textile waste like damaged clothes, off cut, scraps, rags, hard waste and denim, all of this can be recycled by a textile waste recycling machine, whatever they are made by cotton, polyester, non-woven or glass fiber.

The main part of textile waste recycling machine is roller, beat roller, clean roller, nail roller. Thousands of wires teeth are cover on roller. When the machine is running, the roller rotates at a high speed, so that wires recycle fiber from raw material. Another part is dust case, it suck dust and waste from recycled textile by air current. And then you will get cleaning cotton or polyester fiber. Now we talk textile waste recycling machine manufacturer, you must know Margasa and Laroche , the leader from Spanish and France. They have the best technology and experience. The follow manufacturer is Hoper , the leader of textile recycling machinery in Asian. Hoper machinery is good at quality and service, with highest cost performance.

Recycled cotton could be used to spin yarn again, and then to loom textile and make cloth like canvas. Another usage is non-woven product, like carpet, insulation of car and house, vegetable greenhouse, bags and so on.

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